New Client Forms

Please print these documents, fill out the applicable information and bring with you to your first visit. 

Contract For Care (pdf)


Health History (1) (pdf)


Additional Resources

The Science of Craniosacral Therapy

Here is a detailed grouping of articles that delve deep into what Craniosacral Therapy is and how it affects our Central Nervous System.


Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage

A brief explanation of the lymphatic system and how treating it can improve overall well-being.

A more detailed article about the specific style of lymphatic drainage that is offered.


Find A Craniosacral or Lymphatic Therapist in Your Area

I want to make sure you are taken care of when you move or are on vacation.  To find a Chikly Lymphatic Therapist near you: 

To find a Craniosacral therapist near you: 


Active Alignment Sequences

Here are a couple exercises i recommend often: 

Active Alignment Sequence For Hips 

Active Alignment Sequence For Shoulders 

Active Alignment Sequence For Neck 

Active Alignment Sequence For Posture