Hamilton County Business Development Center INCubator

100 Cherokee Blvd. Suite 308 Chattanooga, TN 37405

Entrance is on the corner of Cherokee Blvd and Manufactures Rd. Look for the red brick building with silver lettering reading, " Hamilton County Business Development Center.  Take the stairs to level 3 and its the only door on the right.  Take the elevator to level three and its the only door on the left.


Three free guest parking spots are available on a first-come-first-served basis, when you turn onto Manufactures Rd from Cherokee Blvd, it is the first driveway (gravel) on your right.  Bring your license plate number and sign in at the front desk.  Paid parking is across the Manufactures Rd at the 10 North apartment complex/Starbucks.



    Learning is a lifelong passion of mine.  When I was a child I wanted to be three things: chef, psychologist, and massage therapist.  I began cooking for my family at the age of eight and entered the professional kitchen at 15.  After completing culinary school in Baltimore, MD, I continued my journey as personal chef, restaurateur, event planner, caterer and healthy lifestyle coach.  


     My love of travel also began at a young age.  I always knew I wanted to see the world and experience other cultures first hand.  My first international experience was at age 18 when I lived and worked in Ireland. Although I am classically French trained, the first country's food I fell in love with was Israel.   The Mediterranean style of eating is not only nutritious, but delicious!  I really enjoyed their unique vegetable and fish centered dishes.  On my most recent journey my husband and I visited China and Thailand.  It was the Isan cuisine that we savored the most.   I am excited to share the many different cuisines I have experienced.


     My adventurous nature also manifested in the performance world, creating fire dancing, stilt walking and adagio balancing acts for crowds as big as 50,000.


     Seeking more knowledge, I earned my Psychology degree and then worked in hospitals and research laboratories managing clinical trials.  I knew it was time to shift my focus after moving to California, where I chose to explore massage therapy.

     Once I began my journey into the healing arts, I knew it was what I am meant to do for the rest of my life!  I took all of the massage courses the college had to offer, then continued to train in prenatal, orthopedic, Thai, and shiatsu with lymphatic drainage and craniosacral as my main focus.  I am drawn to these gentle-touch, clothes-on therapies because of my life -long battle with chronic pain and swelling.  I have not only seen their effectiveness for my own pain management but also for many other conditions such as migraines, inflammatory diseases, Lyme disease, TMJ disorders, depression and anxiety.  My unique style combines both eastern and western medicine for a holistic approach to massage therapy.

     Our love of the outdoors brought us to Chattanooga. We like to hike, rock climb and kayak.  We are also excited by the thriving art scene with the farmer's markets being an important part of our week.

     I am excited to support clients’ pursuits of improved well-being through massage therapy in Chattanooga, as well as education and creation of delicious and approachable, nutrient dense meals. 



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